21 Vue.js Example Projects to Learn From (Open-source, Beginner to Intermediate Level)

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21 Vue.js Example Projects to Learn From (Open-source, Beginner to Intermediate Level)

Vue.js is one of the most popular javascript frameworks along with React.js and Angular. It designed to be incrementally adoptable and focused on the view layer only.

It has very well documentation and video courses by Vuemastery and Vueschool to help you learn the fundamental of Vue.js.

However, learning from documentation and tutorial is not enough. You should also learn from Vue.js example projects to know how people use it and best practices for some cases.

Taking a look at the example projects will also encourage you to practice what you have learned from the tutorial.

In this post, I will share the list of Vue.js example projects that I compiled from Github. I sorted them from beginner to intermediate level.

How To Learn Vue.js Example Projects / Case Studies?

Before you choose an example project, Here are some tips when learn from example projects.

1. Choose Only One Project at A Time

With so many open-source projects available on Github, we often feel overwhelmed with them. That’s okay.

But, when you really want to learn from those projects, never do that by learning them at once. Human brains aren’t designed to multi-task.

You should filter them, and choose only one project that you really want to learn. After you finished it, then you can choose the next project.

2. Replicates, But Don’t Copy-Paste the Codes

With an example project, you might think that you will learn it only by reading the codes. No, you don’t.

You should rewrite it on your own, and don’t just copy-pasting it. It may sound trivial, but trust me you will find out more as you rewrite the codes.

3. Be Curious, Find out Why the Codes Work

In the rewriting process, you will find some codes that aren’t familiar with you.

When this happened, be curious to find why those codes work. Because it will likely to increase your knowledge.

4. Experiment, and Add Your Own Flavour

After you find some unfamiliar codes, do some experiment with them. Modify them, see if it still works or not, and again, find out why.

You should also add your own codes as you learn more. Combine it with the base codes. It can be styling or adding more features.

With enough modification, you can make it as your portfolio, of course by mentioning the example project you use.

5. Have Patience and Stay Focused

Last but not least, have patience while you learn. Don’t rush, and stay focused. It will takes time, but it worth it.

Good luck!

What are the Vue.js Example Projects to Learn From?

Now, you can choose one of the following projects to learn. I sort them from the easiest to moderate level.

Remember, only pick one project to learn at a time!

1. Todo App with Composition API

vue todo app composition API

2. Vue Todo App

Vue todo app

### 3. Vue Calculator

4. Vue User Registration and Login

Vue vuex registration login

### 5. Vue By Sample

6. Vue Hackernews

Vue Hackernews clone

7. Vue Stock Trader

Vue stock trader

8. Vue Trello

Vue trello clone

9. Vue Chat

Vue chat

10. Vue Gmail Clone

Vue Gmail Clone

11. Vue Google Keep Clone

Vue Google Keep Clone

12. Vue Slack Clone

Vue slack clone

13. Vue Quasar Admin

Vue quasar admin

14. Vue Admin Template

Vue admin template

15. Vue Netflix Clone

Vue netflix clone

16. Vue Reddit Clone

Vue Reddit Clone

17. Vue RealWorld Example

Vue realworld example

18. Vue Online Music Player

Vue music player

19. Vue Hackernews 2.0

Vue Hackernews 2

20. Vue Node.js Youtube Clone

Vue youtube clone

21. Jira Clone

Vue jira clone


Do you know other repos?

If you know other Github repositories that worth mentioning here, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section.

The repository should be:

  • A Vue example project
  • Has a demo page, or at least some screenshot
  • Work with no significant console error

Thank you.

Happy coding!