10 Websites to Find & Download Free icons

Muhammad Syakirurohman
Frontend Engineer
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10 Websites to Find & Download Free icons

One of the factors that determine good or not a web design are the icons used. The icons serve as a description of label or text in the web. Sometimes, icon also used as a substitution for the word on the menu, because it looks better visually and easy to understand.

The fact said that the representation of something by using a picture (icon) is better and preferred by users. Therefore, the use of icons when designing a web page can not be underestimated. But, the problem is, not all web developers expert in designing or making icons. So, here i am sharing a list of sites for free and paid-source icons which sort by  quality and completeness of the icon .

1. Iconfinder

Icon Finder

Currently, there are 365.000+ icons in 3000+ icon sets available. Most icon is flat style icon. The types of icons are also very diverse for different web topics.

2. Easyicon

Easy Icon Currently,  Easyicon already have 550.00+ icons in the database. It is the second option if you are looking for an icon that not found in iconfinder. To seek it is also simple. You just use the search box that looks like google on the main page.

3. Flaticon

flaticonFlaticon is the source of flat style icons which is become web design trend nowadays. Interestingly, here you can download the same font in different shapes/file formats icon .

4. Free Icon Web

freeiconsweb All icons are available can be downloaded for free. The Icons variety ranging from the flat, texture, glyphs and etc.

5. Find Icons

findiconsA source of icons with variety of styles. There are already 400.000+ icons  and 2000+ icon sets in the database.

6. Noun Project 

The Noun Project All icons in the Noun Project are qualified icons. Most is flat black color. To download it, you must log in first.

7. IconMnstr

Icon Monstr  Most of the available icons are glyph icons.

8. Dryicons

dryiconsThe Icons in Dry icons designed by the designer who also powerful in vector graphics design. Dry Icons not only provide icons, but also graphics vector and Custom Icons

9.  Fontawesome

Font Awesome Font-awesome is a font that most often used by web developers because its ease of use. Font awesome is icons in the form of web fonts. How to use it  is only by call it in the css file and html file using a certain class.

10. Glyphicon

glyphiconsSame as the font awesome, Glyphicon is also icons in the form of web font. Glyphicon is used on Bootstrap 3+ CSS framework.