21+ Places to Find Free Illustrations, HD Images & Icons for Your Website / App

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21+ Places to Find Free Illustrations, HD Images & Icons for Your Website / App

Illustrations, images, and icons are important elements of a website or application. They make your website has a better design and interesting to users. They also help you to convey a message to users on your website.

For instance, a landing page with creative illustrations to explain your service to users is more likely to be understood quickly than using just plain text. Another example, using icons in the menu list can help users to understand the menu faster.

Using awesome illustrations, images, and icons on your website improve User Interface and Experience (UI/UX). This is because humans love great visuals.

However, not all of us are designers who can design awesome illustrations and other graphic assets from scratch. In fact, some developers are suck at design. Yet, we still need awesome illustrations for our website or application project.

To solve this problem, you don’t always have to hire a designer or buy some graphic assets. There are some helpful websites that share graphic assets for free and commercial use. I collate the best of them here. Let’s check the out!

Free Illustration Websites

1. UnDraw

UnDraw is an open-source illustration collection created by Katerina Limpitsouni. The aim of this project is to help developers to create better-designed websites, products and applications.

unDraw - open source illustrations

In UnDraw, you can browse illustrations that fit with your messaging and customize the color to much your brand or overall product design.

You can use the illustrations in any project, commercial or personal without attribution or any costs.

2. Blush

Blush is a website that collect illustrations from artists around the world. You can download the collection of illustrations with different style from any artist you like for free in PNG format.


Blush is available of Figma as a plugin, making it easy for designers to play with illustration in their design tool. Blush is also available as a Web App, so anyone can download illustrations and add them to their creations.

3. DrawKit

DrawKit is a free hand-drawn vector illustration and icon resources that perfect for your next project.

DrawKit - free illustrations

It shares the illustrations in the form of a pack or set. They also share some animation assets for free.

4. Freepik

Freepik has more than 465,000 Free Illustrations vectors for personal and commercial use. You can search for any kind of illustrations category on Freepik.

Freepik Illustrations

You can download the illustrations in AI, SVG or EPS.

Besides illustrations, you can also find and download stock photos, PSD files, and icons.

5. Free Illustrations

Free Illustrations provides high-resolution illustrations for modern websites and landing pages background.

So, it’s a great resource if you’re going to create landing pages with awesome design.

Free Illustrations

Free illusrations only available for personal use. For commercial use, you should pay $10 to the creator.

6. Ouch!

Ouch! provides illustrations in various categories to class up your project. You can download the free PNG and SVG illustrations from top Dribbble artists here.

Ouch! free illustrations

Ouch! is also offering other resources like icons, photos and musics.

7. Delesign

Actually, Delesign is a website that bridge individuals, teams or organizations with talented designers to complete their projects. But, they share some royalty-free designs in SVG and PNG.


You can use the illustration without any attribution for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Free Hd Image Websites

8. Unsplash

With community over 150,000 photographers around the world, Unsplash provides more than 1 million high resolution images for free.

You can find and download images in various categories for blog post, slider or anything you need for your website.


Though the attribution is really appreciated, You don’t need permission to use the images, both for commercial and non-commercial use.

9. Flickr

Flickr is an online photo sharing and management website that provides over 10 billion photos and 2 million groups from the community.

It more likes a social media for photographers.

Flickr- photo sharing website

You can find any high-resolution images in any license. With such a huge amount of photos, Flickr is all you need to find any images for your project.

10. Pixabay

Pixabay provides over 1.8 million of high quality images and videos shared by talented community.

You can browse any images in various categories such as nature, business, computer, food, etc.


You can copy, modify, distribute, and use the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking for permission or giving credits to the artist.

Besides stock photos, you can also search for illustrations, vectors, videos and musics on Pixabay.

11. Pexels

Pexels share inclusive free stock photos and videos both for personal use and commercial use.

Its mission is helping designers, writers, artists, programmers and other creators to get access to beautiful photos so that they can use freely for their amazing products.


You can browse stock photos on Pexels based on topics and colors.

12. PicJumbo

PicJumbo provides free stock photos and backgrounds with high resolution for personal and commercial use.

You can use them for blog post featured images, sliders, and backgrounds on your website.


13. ISO Republic

ISO Republic is an independent website that shares free high-resolution photos and videos with CC0 license. It means you can use them for both personal and commercial use.

ISO Republic

ISO Republic is also curating the photos and videos in a collection based on topics.

14. SplitShire

Splitshire provides more than 1000+ (and counting) free stock photos both for personal and commercial use.

You can use them for your websites, advertising material, book covers, etc.

Splitshire - free commercial use stock photos

In addition to images, SplitShire also shares short videos for free.

Free Download Icon Websites

15. Iconfinder

Iconfinder provides 4,6+ million of free and premium high quality icons in SVG and PNG format.

Though they offer premium icon sets, there are still plenty of free icons available.

Icon finder

You can find and download various styles and categories of icons, curated in icon sets.

16. Flaticon

Flaticon provides 3+ millions of free and premium high quality icons. Most of them are flat styled icons.

You can find and download any icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 format here.


Flaticon is a part of Freepik company. So, don’t worry about of its quality.

17. The Noun Project

The Noun Project curated over 2 million icons from designers around the globe. Most of the icons here are black-and-white.

The best things about The Noun Project are you can integrate it in Google slides and docs, as well as via API.

The noun project

Free Icon Packs

18. Fontawesome

Fontawesome is an open-source and popular icon sets for web development project.

In version 4 and 5, it comes with icon fonts and SVG. To use it, we just have to add font and css files locally, or just load it via cdn.


Currently, Font Awesome 6 s coming with more icons and styles.

19. Ionicons

Ionicons is an open-source collection of icons that firstly designed for Ionic framework. But because many developers like it, we can use it outside the Ionic framework.

Just load the it via CDN in your project, and you are ready to use it.


The icons from Ionicons are customizable via CSS.

20. Material Design Icons

Material Design is a popular open-source icon pack for web and mobile app designed by Google.

Each icon is created using our design guidelines to depict in simple and minimal forms the universal concepts used commonly throughout a UI.

Material design icons

Material design system icons are simple, modern, friendly, and sometimes quirky.

21. Themify icons

Themify icons is a collection of 320+ free icons for web design and applications. The icons are simple, clean and modern.

Themify icons

Themify icons mostly used in wordpress themes as it has integration via wordpress plugin.


That’s all free illustratons, HD images and icons website to help you find your project assets.

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Have a great day!