50+ Awesome CSS Drawing Examples for your #100DaysOfCode Inspiration

Muhammad Syakirurohman
Frontend Engineer
5 min read

CSS drawing is an art of designing a creative object or drawing with only using CSS codes. It is a fun challenge that shows us what front-end developers can achieve with pure CSS.

Sometime, a css drawing is also added with some animation to make it more interesting.

When I first saw CSS drawings, I didn't believe that CSS can be used to create such drawings. I thought it was designed by some design apps like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw until I saw the codes that it was a pure CSS.

Most of the styles in the drawing use the combination of gradients, pseudo-classes (:after and :before), and css3 animations.

Recently, i saw in Twitter #100DaysOfCode that many developers are showcasing their CSS drawings. There were doing amazing work, but i saw that some of them have lack design inspirations.

Since I am a front-end developer as well, I can understand that sometimes we don't have any idea of what we should make, especially when it is about design or drawing.

I remember that I ever saw many awesome CSS drawings showcased in Codepen. Then, I come to the idea that picking and collecting the best of them will be helpful to provide some inspirations for other developers, especially newbies.

So, in this post, I make a list of the best CSS drawings that you can use as your inspirations. Let's have a look!

Best CSS Drawing Examples

1. At The Wall | Pure CSS Drawing by Atanas Atanasov

At the wall pure css

2. The king and the fly by Alvaro Montoro

The king and the fly

3. Tron Skyline by Jordy Rue

Tron Skyline

4. Street View & Car Animation by Mohammed Alozaibi

Street view car animation

5. Codevember Day 23: pure CSS drawing, life of a programmer! by Nooray Yemon

The life of a programmer

6. The Boy and his Drone by Tucker Massad

The boy and his drone css drawing

7. CSS Lighthouse (Pure CSS Drawing/Animation) by Tucker Massad

Css lighthouse

8. The Flying Robot (Pure CSS Drawing/Animation) by Tucker Massad

The flying robot pure css

9. Kitty and The Submarine (Pure CSS Drawing/Animation) by Tucker Massad

Kitti and the submarine

10. CodePen Home Night Train CSS drawing + animation by Eina O

Night train

11. Pure CSS Responsive French Press by Dario Corsi

Pure CSS responsive French press

12. Tank All The Things by Hugo Giraudel

Tank all the things

13. Pure CSS Mini Thor by Matheus Ferreira

Pure CSS Drawing Mini Thor

14. Electric Piano by Josh Fry

Electric Piano

15. CSS Illustration - Xbox Controller by Ellie

16. Pure CSS Watch by Ellie

Pure CSS Watch

17. Digital Radio by Ellie

Digital radio

18. City | Pure CSS Drawing by Serg

City pure css drawing

19. Save and Love your Home by Ahmad Shadeed

Save and love your home

20. For Beatrix by Paolo Duzioni

For beatrix

21. Coderbits Logo in Pure CSS by Aleks

Coderbits logo pure css

22. Our Happy Place by Paolo Duzioni

Our Happy Place

23. SNES Controller by Time Pietrusky

SNES Controller

What You Can Do With A Single Div

In this section, you will see the list of CSS Drawings that not only use a pure CSS but also only use a single div tag.

24. Single Div CSS Tesla Cybertruck by Lynn Fisher

Single div css tesla cybertruck

25. Single Div CSS Book Search by Lynn Fisher

Single div css book search

26. Pure CSS Single Div Up House by Patricia Masigla

Pure css single div up house

27. Single Div Accordion Animated by Dan Wilson

Single div accordion animated

28. Pure CSS Wall-E by Peter Butcher

Pure css wall-e

29. K2SO by Jon Kantner

Single div k2s0

30. Single Div CSS - Camera by Laura Louise

SIngle div css camera

31. Single Div Challenge by yuanchuan

Single div challenge

32. The Eye by Melissa Cabral

Single div the eye

33. Single Div Violin by Tricia Katz

Single div violin

34. Single Div Grace Hopper by Tricia Katz

35. Single Div Tea Cup by Tricia Katz

Single div tea cup

36. Single div icons by Chris Ota

Single div icons

37. Codevember 2016: Sunset by Smokie Lee

Single div sunset

Beginner Friendly

38. Pure CSS Emoji faces by Abou Bakr Magdy

Pure CSS Emoji

39. Avocados pure CSS by Julie Park

Avocado pure CSS

40. Pure CSS Drawing Dexter by Chi Ho Liu

Pure CSS Drawing Dexter

41. Sleeping Cat by Anastasia Goodwin

Sleeping cat css drawing

42. A Slice of cake by Paolo Duzioni

Slice of cake

43. Hijabi Girl by Norhan_ms

CSS Drawing Hijabi Girl

44. Apeach (Kakao Friends) by zinee

Apeach Kakao Friends

45. Penguin CSS Drawing by Alexander D. Cardossi

Penguin CSS Drawing

46. Pure CSS Cactus by Kara Luton

Pure CSS Cactus

47. Pure CSS Gamerica Logo by Hugo Giraudel

Pure CSS Gamerica Logo

48. CSS Sagwa by Jasmine Wright

CSS Sagwa

49. Full CSS Penguin by fanchou

Full CSS Penguin

50. Cheshire by Nicolas Slatiner


51. Bonus : A Collection of Single Div CSS Drawing Project by Lynn Fisher

That's all. If you know other examples that are not be included here, feel free to suggest them in the comment below!